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Company MERTRADE spol. s r.o. was established in November 1990 as a trading company oriented to foreign trade.

Currently, it specializes in import of chemical raw materials from Ukraine. Another important commodity is carbon black for rubber industry, which is also imported to the Czech Republic from Ukraine and supplied to manufacturing concerns in almost whole European Union, and, in less volume, to other European and Asian countries. Import of reagents for laboratory purposes of medical institutions and import and export of substances for pharmaceutical production are also significant for our company.


In 1991 an engineering intra-plant office representing Spanish company INOXPA (producer of pumps, valves, and stirrer / agitator for pharmaceutical, food-processing and beauty industry) was opened. It provides technical clarifying of demands for clients from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. Trading-supplier activities are realized by MERTRADE company. This company also participates in food-processing plants reconstructions in Ukraine by supplies of comprehensive technological entities.

MERTRADE spol. s r.o.
třída Spojenců 22
771 11 OLOMOUC
Czech Republic
tel.: +420 585 228 330
fax.: +420 585 223 347

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